Sofa - Why do we call it a 'sofa'?

We have been learning this word since very long years from our generation to generation. We found them calling this sitting tool as sofa since we were child. But not the matter has become very complex as we never tried to find out its real meaning or origins of the word sofa. Now we should learn why we call “best sleeper sofa
” this furniture. This word has come from an Arabic word “Suffah” that means a furniture which is covered with some fabrics like blankets and cushion. It took very long time gets acquired among the people by calling it sofa. We all know well that each name of things have originated by its features and calling people.


Every people may have known it as sofa where none have ever thought of its having this name. I think a few people might know that it is called sofa for its sitting comfort and features. As we sit on chair and benches but they are never called sofa. Because they are like sofa but the lack of blankets proves that they are just wooden furniture. So we think over the matter of each thing that we use but never call them by their original names. The name would be very lengthy if each languages people thought of calling sofa from their meaning. Suppose in Arabic sofa means a very large bench that remains covered with blankets. If we would call it by its meaning then today in this modern age the sofa could hardly become as popular as it is now. People only like to call the things by their short names like nick names. We named our childes In three parts but we mainly call then with their nick name which is a similar matter for sofa.

Whatever sofa means a furniture that has a great pattern and design and color where people sit for taking rest. We mean by sofa a large size of furniture that enhances the beauty of our house for its having multiple seats where many people can sit together for talking.


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