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Cities of Paris Where You Get Apartments for Rent

You must have to have a valid Passport and VISA for completing the renting deals with the apartment owner.

You must have to have a Credit Card to payment the rent every month or a reliable sources of money to provide hand cash.

You should have a Clear colored photographs and details of present and permanent address along with the purposes for what you have came here to stay for a long term or short term and wanting to rent an apartment.

You have to be ready to pay some advanced money for the rent to ensure you will not be fleeing without paying the rent to owner.

Most of the time you have to stay at least 3 months to rent an apartment and this is why you have to prepare for paying that rent at first.

One liability taker or an acknowledger who will be liable to take the responsibility to pay rest of the rent if you lost somewhere or remain invisible.


You have to provide the details about when you are going to arrive on that apartments and when your departure time will be. So be sure about your time or renting and go for it.


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